About – Reishi is one of the easier mushrooms to find in a dried or kit form, and has long been popular as a medicinal mushroom, with recommendations all over the place for use for any number of conditions. Some research supports claims involving certain extracts. Reishi is a dramatic looking mushroom, fairly unusual in appearance, with strong red coloring.

Culinary Use - Some people make soup from this mushroom, or use it sparingly in cooking, but it is generally a medicinal mushroom.

Tastes Like - No reports available on flavor.

Medicinal Use - Traditional Asian medicinal mushroom, with strong history and lore behind it. Generally used as a tea, but also used powdered in capsules. May provide a “decoy” for auto-immune arthritis, reducing the damage from the disease.

Where to Find it – Easy to find online, and sometimes offline at health food stores. Grow-kits are also very prevalent.

Growing Info - Easy to cultivate on logs, the mushrooms grow into fantastic shapes with bright red caps, that can be either surreal or lovely. Fun to grow for the sheer artistry of their growth habits. Commonly available in sawdust kits or on logs.



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