About – A great all purpose mushroom, with a slightly nutty flavor. This is the second most popular mushroom in Japan, but is only just now making headway in the US. This is a good sized brown mushroom, best picked when the caps are just fully open.

Culinary Use – Great in soups, stews, casseroles and vegetarian dishes. Very easy to use in a wide variety of dishes. This is the traditional Miso mushroom.

Tastes Like - I have found no descriptions of the flavor of this mushroom, and have not been able to try it myself.

Medicinal Use – This mushroom may help the body absorb calcium more efficiently. It has other traditional uses in Japan, as most mushrooms do in Japan.

Where to Find it – We have not seen this one available fresh anywhere, and almost no dried sources either. We have found many sources for grow kits and spawn though, so you can grow your own. We anticipate that sources for this mushroom in the US will increase during the next few years as growers begin picking it up and cultivating it.

Growing Info – A relatively easy mushroom to grow on logs or in a sawdust kit. Takes a little more attention than Shiitake, but produces abundantly. If you love mushrooms and can only grow one, this is a good choice for home use. If you are considering commercial production, you may be able to add this to an existing inventory and establish a good market for it, since there is little competition in the market, and a slowly growing demand for it. It would not be a good mono-culture crop, where you expect to make all your income from a single variety.

Caps are sticky, so they can be difficult to grow unless they are kept clean.



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